Workshops & Online Groups

    Workshops are designed and delivered according to the needs and requests of any business, university or school. These range from talks on issues such as burnout, to interactive workshops for children and teenagers. Below is a list of popular workshops that are frequently requested, but each workshop will always be tailor-made to the needs of the establishment making the request. Please get directly in touch for more details or if you are interested in hosting a workshop of your own.

    Frequently Requested Workshops

    • Burnout: how to recognise it, and how to build an environment that makes it less likely.
    • Social Media: the good, the bad, the beautiful, and the ugly.
    • Understanding the minds of teenagers: what makes them so unique?
    • The Internet: what it can give us versus what it can take from us.
    • A better understanding of eating disorders: it’s not just about food.
    • How to integrate understanding mental health into the everyday: coming away from stigma and learning how not to tread on eggshells.
    • What kind of help do I need? Unpacking different forms of intervention for given symptoms and how they can help.

    Online Groups

    Online zoom workshops run on an ad hoc basis and are curated in a similar way to workshops. They will be listed below as they become available; please register your interest via email.