One-To-One Therapy

    Private clients will benefit from a multimodal approach to therapy, more often than not including some Neurofeeedback, hypnotherapy, and some additional behavioural and philosophical teachings that help alleviate distress and stabilise mood. There is no generalised timeline as each client is assessed on an individual basis as to what they would benefit from, and at what frequency.

    The range of people for whom this therapy might be suitable is enormous, from those suffering with chronic conditions, to those who want to excel in their field. Therapy can be an education in anything, from understanding pain, to playing the psychological games of business and law.

    One of the central tenets to therapy here is the understanding that with more mental stability, comes a higher level of output in all areas of life. It is all too often that we fall into the trap of thinking that we “do not have time” for therapy unless a situation or feeling is critical, or a person is non functional. This is also perpetuated in some clinical modalities in the western world. Someone has to be “unwell enough” to get proper care, or “unstable enough” to “qualify” for a much needed break from work. Consider this: if we learn to live in a way that does not bring us to breaking point again, we strengthen the muscle that supports all aspects of our life. The wounds we carry are part of us, and cause us pain, so our natural response is not to touch them in the same way that our natural response to physical pain is to hold ourselves in such a way that the pain abates. However, our psychological pain doesn’t just cause pain at the time that we go through trauma, but they instil fear in us in the long term. This fear causes us to tighten, and operate from a place of unknowingly keeping everything out, including the good things that we may want but are now too afraid to pursue.

    The magical component of this process is finding those wounds and releasing them, giving us the relief, bandwidth and sense of serenity that we can thrive in.

    A roadmap through particularly tough times

    To those people who may be looking for help through a specific time in their lives, be it an issue in the workplace, a medical matter, a period of grief, or anything else, please know that you are welcome here. Your therapeutic work will take two forms:

    First, you will have a safe space to come and offload the strain of what you are going through. There is a great deal of value in sharing what is going on, and there need not always be an immediate focus on “solution”. Sometimes that pain just needs to be heard and held in a dedicated space.

    Second, you will get some help in structuring how to move through these events. Do you need any additional support? Do you need to speak to a doctor? Do you need help drafting emails to properly articulate what you would like to say? If you are feeling a little lost, the “roadmap” angle to therapy here offers some practical help to those who are emotionally inundated.

    Children and Teenagers

    All under 18s are taken on with a view to using Neurofeedback to support therapy. The reason for this is that it provides a typically faster route towards symptom relief, which in turn fosters an environment where the child is more able to understand their own inner world.

    There is also the need to support children environmentally, so parents benefit from their own sessions in which they are given in-depth feedback and regular dialogue whilst their child is in therapeutic care. For teenagers, this can be a source of some anxiety around confidentiality, so this is something addressed early in the process to ensure an efficient, transparent and honest working relationship.