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Young People

“Yogic hypnotherapy” is by far the most diverse and innovative system of therapy out there. The combination of Indian meditation techniques and Western hypnotherapy is much more efficient than traditional old style talk therapies. I grew up with an understanding of this system that my father developed, but quickly realised that it can also seem inaccessible to your average young person. What I do is combine this profound teaching with everyday activities and a genuine interest in what gives each person I see a sense of ‘wholeness’. For some people, it’s taking a walk in the park. So we’ll go for a walk in the park. For some people, it’s animals. So my dogs are on hand for pats and strokes for every session. I could list examples like this for hours. The point is that when we act from a place of love and passion, our anxieties and worries have room to change.

Did you know that even a few minutes stroking a pet can increase levels of dopamine and serotonin in our brains? Amongst other things, these neurochemicals play a huge part in our mental wellbeing. The progress that can be made whilst engaging with a pet is remarkable, and for many people it gives them the feeling of safety and security that allows them to talk openly and get to the root of the problem much faster. My dogs, Badger and Laila are on hand for anyone who needs a little boost!

Mental Health has suddenly become a hot topic at schools, universities, and in the workplace which is great, but how people go about dealing with it is sometimes another story. Everybody talks about anxiety and depression, but what is less talked about is the importance of love, passion, and joy! There is a tendency to think of mental health as mental ill-health, and I’m a huge advocate for altering the way some people understand emotion and feeling. Educating people about mental health is just as important as dealing with issues as they arise, but it shouldn’t be limited to educating people on what to do if and when they encounter a problem. Educating people on mental health is, for me, about educating young people on the benefits of finding something they are passionate about, or cultivating relationships with confidence, or being able to engage with others on a heart-to-heart level without hesitation.

Treatment for Students

I’m painfully aware of the need for mental health support for students. The need far outweighs provision in many cases, and much of what is provided ends up being short-term help because of the sheer demand that has to be met. Compounded by the financial strain on many students, the whole process becomes very stressful and finding private practitioners to help isn’t always feasible. Therefore, I offer a payment plan deal for students that gives some degree of flexibility to help students in this situation.

However, naturally, I only have a few of these slots going at any one time, so whilst I will try to accommodate as many people as I can, there may be a waiting list for these flexi-finance slots.

Please note, the flexi-finance slots are not free sessions. They are simply a way of being able to open a dialogue about how best to go about a payment plan if sessions cannot be paid for up front.

If any of the following applies to you, feel free to email me to see if we can work something out:

• I am a student and cannot afford private care for mental health
• I am a student but can’t turn to my parents/guardian for financial provision for mental healthcare
• I am a student and have nobody who could pay for me to get private mental healthcare

Please include in your email what you could afford, and what your financial situation is so that we can find something that works for us both. The more detail you put in your email to me, the easier it will be to reach a conclusion so please do provide as much information as you can.

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