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Time to recharge

How do you ”recharge”?

Rain or shine, getting the dogs out keeps me sane. Why? Because going for a walk allows me to turn my attention to something else, to stop working, to get some fresh air, without it being mind numbing.

Now there is a generation (that I am a part of!) who use screens to numb thoughts and feelings and whilst that may feel like a relief at the time, think about whether it actually helps, or whether it is just that: a numbing device that perpetuates or momentarily delays the feeling of low energy stress, tiredness, lethargy, or anxiety. Ionically, we actually need to expend energy in a healthy way in order to “fuel up” in a healthy way.

Movement can actually get our minds working in a different way as the new stimuli that we encounter if we change our environment forces us to put some energy into the task that we’re doing. So, rather than expending all our energy stressing, some energy is now being expended on walking, reading, cooking, etc. How is this different to things that I call “mind numbing”? It’s different because it engages us, rather than disengages us. It’s an activity, not a distraction.

This is not a “screens are bad” post. There is some really good TV out there and I love getting stuck into a series. But in moderation, and not at the cost of anything else. Screen time for me now is not about procrastination or avoidance, it’s about balancing the engagement of the day with the passivity of the evening.

Posted on Tuesday, December 17, 2019
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