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The way each individual perceives and interprets their life fascinates me. When someone walks through my door, I want them to know that I am genuinely interested in why they’ve come to me, and together we will find a way to pick up and move forwards and for each person this process is different. It is perfectly normal to collaborate with one another for fruitful outcome. We learn this process in school, and carry it through to the workplace. However, for some reason, the stigma around therapy means that people perceive it differently and I want to work against that. Whatever a client comes to see me with, and whatever their age, the process to overcome obstacles is collaborative and can even be exciting.

Therapy with me

I am trained in both CBT and Hypnosis, and this makes up the core part of most work with clients. This is a multi-faceted approach that addresses cognitions and behaviour; illustrating the link between thought processes and behavioural patterns which in many cases is forgotten. Hypnosis is also a skill that can be extremely useful both at home or in sessions. Contrary to popular belief, as a client you will remain completely in control during hypnosis, and I’m more than happy to chat about what hypnosis involves on the phone or via email.

However, therapy for me has never been about purely what I have learned through training in these models. Therapy is not about “correcting” behaviour and thoughts, it’s about growing as a person. There is a lot of value in finding passion in hobbies or interests, and laughing is an important part of life too! I tie this all in by having an interest in what my clients are passionate in, and I am aided by two dogs who have shown me that there is fun to be had quite literally everywhere we go.

My father spent 30 years studying different systems of healing, and I grew up with a profound understanding of how these different traditions can culminate in a deep understanding of oneself and the world around us. My father developed his own system of therapy from this, and I intend to follow in his footsteps and adapt as I feel the need to.

See more about my father’s practise here:

The fundamental lesson across both our therapy practises is that we aim to teach people that pain and defeat is not to be feared; it is an opportunity to grow, learn, and come out better than you started. It is possible to break through whatever is blocking you from success, love, and happiness, and ultimately that is my goal with each client. For some, that means overcoming a fear of spiders, for others, that means gaining the motivation and focus to perform at high levels.

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