What My Clients Say


Age 13

Anjali gives good advice, and she’s easy to talk to. I look forward to my sessions with her and spending time with the dogs.

Magalie Degioanni

Age 17

I came to Anjali with much scepticism and very little hope due to having tried MANY other therapies. I suffered (key to note the past tense) with chronic migraines. I had them daily and they often lasted over 72 hours. After a few sessions I had 3-4 migraines a week! I was so astonished but so grateful for everything. Today, I have basically none.  I continue to speak to her when I need her and that, for me, is ideal. I am eternally grateful and I would 100% recommend her.

Hilary Barnfield

Reflexologist for the past 20 yrs

Anjali is a practitioner whose approach is both practical and intuitive. She provides tools and methods that assist people to move beyond personal blocks, into clarity and confidence.

She has a natural ability to support yet enable and facilitate individual growth.

Rahul Williams

HR Director

Anjali regularly spends time with my daughter, and has done for a while. She takes my daughter on little adventures, usually with her two dogs as well, which provides for some amazingly rich experiences that really help her grow, particularly in terms of confidence and independence. Anjali displays the perfect balance of care, sensitivity and challenge – allowing new, fun experiences to occur but within an ideally supportive, caring and safe environment. As a family, we are extremely grateful for the sincere, genuine relationship our daughter has with Anjali, and cannot speak highly enough of the positive impact it has on her development and happiness. Thank you for everything!


Public Affairs and Communications Director

I have known Anjali for several years during which time she has become part of our small family. She has the most naturally intuitive gift of reading situations and hones her passion for bringing out the best in people, especially children, in a sensitive and caring way.

She creates a safe home-away-from home atmosphere where children can explore their emotions to become the best they can possibly be at a crucial time in their development.

My 10-year-old daughter adores Anjali and sees her as a big sister, a friend, a champion, a guide, and a mentor building a beautiful level of confidence and a joy for life.


Age 10

Anjali is a kind person who I enjoy spending time with. She is supporting me during the 11+ and if I have a problem I would go to her because she won’t judge me and I know she will make time to speak to me. Anjali makes boring things fun and she makes me laugh.


Investment Banking Analyst

I am in my early 20s and work a very high intensity job. Anjali is someone I take great comfort in speaking to on a regular basis about all aspects of my life. Talking to her is always a soothing relief, especially during high stress periods in my life. She exudes positivity and balance, whilst also providing structured advice on dealing with the stresses and strains of a busy life. At times when things can become overwhelming, Anjali is adept at putting things in perspective whilst remaining fundamentally empathetic to your situation.


Age 10

Anjali is a fun person and when you’re not feeling good, she’ll cheer you up. When I have a problem I will go straight to her because she is so supportive and she doesn’t laugh unless I mean for her to. She makes homework fun because she makes up games and makes it easier. I enjoy spending time with her.

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