Working with Anjali has been one of the most important parts of my career. Her perspective, thorough understanding of the human psyche and human behaviour is unlike anything I’ve come across. As a colleague and mentor, Anjali offers high-level support is very accessible, knowledgeable, and incredibly attuned with not only the psychology, but the energetics and biology of the human body. I have been working alongside her for more than three years and I’ve seen her support many of my clients navigate the depths of eating disorders with confidence. If you are seeking to work with someone who is tapped into not only the science, but the intricacies of consciousness, and someone who offers a practical approach to healing, she is your person. Constantly seeking to evolve and learn new modalities to enhance her practice, Anjali is cutting edge and will continue to be my go-to when referring clients for psychological support.
    Anjali’s perspective on mental health is both reassuring and refreshing in equal measure. There is a real recognition of the issue at hand, whatever the scale might be, but somehow it never seems to be a mountain that we can’t cross together. I started working with Anjali many years ago as a private client, but have since asked her to come and speak in my place of work, and my daughter’s school. Firstly, her adaptability is something to praise in itself. The talk for my employees struck a relatable chord with every person in the room, making an effortless jump from issues of the workplace to issues of personal lives, and how the two are inextricably linked (as Anjali would put it!). Then, I had nothing but praise from the teachers at my daughter’s secondary school, as their feedback to me reads that Anjali was, “bright, cheerful, relatable, and informative. The girls loved her, and we seem more popular for having brought someone in who presents on mental health with a dog as her assistant!” I foresee a future where Anjali will remain part of my life for a very long time. I have learned that therapy of this sort is not something you do just to get through a particularly difficult time, but building the life that you truly want is something that can be nurturing, compassionate, and deeply spiritual (even though I had not been, and even still am not, a terribly spiritual person in the conventional sense of the term). I never thought I would be able to stand on my own two feet after trauma, and yet somehow this was just my starting point to the life that I now have, and working with Anjali has been an enormous part of this for which I could not be more grateful.
    Working with Anjali has been so illuminating and given me insight into solving problems I once thought insurmountable. She is truly wonderful and provides a unique and personalised approach to every issue. I could not recommend her highly enough.
    Working with Anjali over the last few years has really been life-changing, in every meaning of the term. I came to her thinking it was only an eating disorder that needed healing from, to only discover it was by far more than that. Her holistic approach to therapy is one that I find so unique, and the most effective out there by far. I’ve left every session feeling so confident in my ability to get better. To heal. To grow. I’ve just launched a company at 23, and can whole heartedly say it would’ve never happened if I hadn’t met Anjali, and been able to break through all the beliefs I had held onto for so long. I’ve gained a teacher, a mentor, a friend. I will always be so grateful.
    There is a lot that I could say about working with Anjali. If someone asked me for just one point on why I now think this is so life changing, it is because Anjali’s rather unique approach creates a world where even the greatest empiricists and skeptics start to realise that there is something more to “being me” than I realised. I define myself differently now. I never thought “therapy” was for me (I use quotation marks here as I use the term loosely - Anjali is not a “therapist” - I’m not really sure how I would define this but it’s more fulfilling than I thought therapy to be). Without being too politically incorrect, I do think that this has something to do with being a man as well, I will say that. So I’ve come a long way; I have been converted to the cause. “Therapy” isn’t what I thought it to be, it’s actually quite important. Anjali, thank you for being a teacher in my life that made a difference.
    Anjali came and gave a talk in our office, and any skepticism that I had of talks on issues around mental health was very quickly undone. I can confidently say that my team and I learned more about how to thrive in the workplace in that forty-five minutes than in the last few years combined. Thinking about “how” we operate rather than “what” we are doing has created a systemic shift in the way our office works, and I can see the benefit of this both in the lives of my colleagues as well as in the quality of work that we provide. I cannot thank Anjali enough for opening my eyes to the importance of issues such as these, and changing our perspective on what “thriving” really is.
    I’ve been with Anjali for about 6 years now and there is no problem she can’t sort out. She has helped me with issues ranging from academics and organisation to personal and family life with kindness and compassion. I’ve recently started neurofeedback and I must say, my god it works! I’m being treated for ADHD and my ability to focus and sleep has drastically improved over the course of just a couple months in time for A-levels. Anjali has been there for me through all of the ups and downs, supporting me with weekly sessions where we can chat and laugh, she also has the cutest dog in the world who is more than willing to come and sit on your lap. Long story short, Anjali is fantastic and I cannot recommend her enough!!
    Anjali has been working with our now 13 year old daughter since June 2022. At the time, she was being bullied at school and having numerous friendship issues. Anjali has been an incredibly positive influence in her life. She is non alarmist, measured and exceptionally thoughtful. She really strives to understand and empathise with our daughter while carefully managing and de-escalating her worries and concerns. The setting is relaxed and friendly and, above all, welcoming and contained. Anjali is always available for ‘catch up chats’ when needed although she is mostly focussed on a very thoughtful relationship with our daughter and we respect those boundaries. Our daughter feels understood and listened to. Anjali’s role as her therapist and her mentor has been a very positive, steadying and calming role in the chaos of being a teen.
    Anjali is nothing short of a therapeutic miracle. After years of deeply unsatisfactory and ineffective psychiatry, I was at a complete loss and ready to give up on finding a solution. Anjali’s holistic and multi-modal approach is uniquely capable of addressing the complexities of psychological trauma so that, for the first time, happiness became a real possibility.
    Anjali gives good advice, and she’s easy to talk to. I look forward to my sessions with her and spending time with the dogs.
    I came to Anjali with much scepticism and very little hope due to having tried MANY other therapies. I suffered (key to note the past tense) with chronic migraines. I had them daily and they often lasted over 72 hours. After a few sessions I had 3-4 migraines a week! I was so astonished but so grateful for everything. Today, I have basically none. I continue to speak to her when I need her and that, for me, is ideal. I am eternally grateful and I would 100% recommend her.
    Anjali is a practitioner whose approach is both practical and intuitive. She provides tools and methods that assist people to move beyond personal blocks, into clarity and confidence. She has a natural ability to support yet enable and facilitate individual growth.
    Anjali regularly spends time with my daughter, and has done for a while. She takes my daughter on little adventures, usually with her two dogs as well, which provides for some amazingly rich experiences that really help her grow, particularly in terms of confidence and independence. Anjali displays the perfect balance of care, sensitivity and challenge – allowing new, fun experiences to occur but within an ideally supportive, caring and safe environment. As a family, we are extremely grateful for the sincere, genuine relationship our daughter has with Anjali, and cannot speak highly enough of the positive impact it has on her development and happiness. Thank you for everything!
    I have known Anjali for several years during which time she has become part of our small family. She has the most naturally intuitive gift of reading situations and hones her passion for bringing out the best in people, especially children, in a sensitive and caring way. She creates a safe home-away-from home atmosphere where children can explore their emotions to become the best they can possibly be at a crucial time in their development. My 10-year-old daughter adores Anjali and sees her as a big sister, a friend, a champion, a guide, and a mentor building a beautiful level of confidence and a joy for life.
    Anjali is a kind person who I enjoy spending time with. She is supporting me during the 11+ and if I have a problem I would go to her because she won’t judge me and I know she will make time to speak to me. Anjali makes boring things fun and she makes me laugh.
    I am in my early 20s and work a very high intensity job. Anjali is someone I take great comfort in speaking to on a regular basis about all aspects of my life. Talking to her is always a soothing relief, especially during high stress periods in my life. She exudes positivity and balance, whilst also providing structured advice on dealing with the stresses and strains of a busy life. At times when things can become overwhelming, Anjali is adept at putting things in perspective whilst remaining fundamentally empathetic to your situation.
    Anjali is a fun person and when you’re not feeling good, she’ll cheer you up. When I have a problem I will go straight to her because she is so supportive and she doesn’t laugh unless I mean for her to. She makes homework fun because she makes up games and makes it easier. I enjoy spending time with her.