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NHS, Care Workers, and teachers, your sessions are free until the end of June

If you are an NHS worker, or you work in healthcare or teaching,  and would like to get in touch, drop me an email on

Please include some form of identification/proof of employment – I’d love to give everybody the benefit of the doubt but sadly sometimes this leads to impersonation or equivalent. I will do my best to get back to you within 24 hours of your email! 

Currently, I am seeing NHS staff, care workers, teachers, and/or their children for free.

Why? And why has it taken so long for me to put a statement out there saying that this is the case?

Many reasons for both those questions, and you can find the majority of your answers to the first question in an article for which I was interviewed by the telegraph. Click here to go into more detail. In addition, here’s a little more detail though on why I’m only putting this out now:

I recently read that the Covid “peak” has passed. Much to the relief of many, we’re looking at the easing of restrictions in the coming weeks and, hopefully, returning to some degree of “normal” life thereafter.

However, when you think about the internal journey that people are on at the moment, lockdown is just the beginning. The path now in going forwards is the part where we actually have to channel all that pent up energy that we’ve been holding onto for the past couple weeks. That’s the hard part, and that’s where I think I’m going to be of more use to my clients than the “management” of feelings we’ve been doing during this lockdown phase.

Things will move forwards and we will arrive in a new normal. We will recover from this period as a whole. But when it comes to mental health that holds us up through it all, we’re playing a much longer game. It’s not as easy as just “slipping” into a new normal. We need to learn, adjust, adapt, grieve, let go, move on. And the people who have been working on the frontline will have the biggest shift of it all when they realise that they suddenly have time to process what they’ve just been through.

That’s why I’m seeing these workers and their families for free. It’s not just that they need help in these few weeks for a session per week, it’s that there’s a long road ahead and if I can help, I want to.


Disclaimer : I do not own these photos, they are screenshots from the recent article for the Telegraph

Posted on Wednesday, May 6, 2020
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