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Fear Pt.1

Fear is a natural part of our life, but does it really affect us on a bigger scale?

Answer: yes.

Fear governs a lot more of life at the moment than we think it does. Fear is in the media everyday for a start, and it’s even built into the education system to some degree. In just the last 24 hours, I’ve witnessed people talking with fear in the undertones to their voices about the environment, the dress code in the Houses of Parliament, exams and failure, the fact that it may rain in a week, gender equality, the Coronavirus, their dog’s penchant for eating poo, and of course, Brexit.

There’s a lot of stressful things there. I certainly have been through my fair share of stress, but I can say for a fact that when I’m stressed, I achieve next to nothing. Work starts to pile up along with laundry. My bedroom turns into a mess, I forget to go grocery shopping, and I stare blankly at my laptop for long stretches of time without actually getting through much. So, with that in mind, HOW ON EARTH am I supposed to have faith in politicians, teachers and corporate leaders when the entire system is being pushed because of a fear of what the media will say, or a fear of what we’re doing to the planet, or a fear of what others might think? 

This is not to say that those fears are not warranted. Fear, just like pain, is there to tell us something needs to be done. We should be worried about the state of the planet, we should feel slightly anxious about the need to work and stretch ourselves, but (cue the cliche Anjali moment), there is a BALANCE. Once we recognise the fear, we have to be able to let it go. We have to be able to honour the fact that fear exists, but act on it out of LOVE. We need to change our lifestyle because we LOVE our planet, not because we’re scared about what’s happening to it. We need to push ourselves to do well in exams because we need to LOVE knowledge and education and what it can bring us, not because we’re scared of failing.

When we act out of love, passion and joy, the end results are infinitely better and more long lasting. They just are. Motivate yourself with love and everything eventually falls into place. It’s gruelling at times, and there will be tests along the way that make you question that love. Persevere. Remind yourself of what you’re passionate about. Do the hard bits so that you can revel in the good bits. 

Posted on Sunday, March 22, 2020
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