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Before therapy I lived the film life

Before working as I am now, I was working as a freelancer in film and television. A lot of people have asked me why I suddenly switched to something so different, so here’s the story of my move into therapy…

To me, it’s not actually all that different. I was interested in film and TV because I was (and still am) fascinated by this whole idea of character. Actors have to be able to totally assume a different identity, and in many cases there is a natural crossover between the actor and the character that they play. Somewhere in that mix, something magical happens when actor and character become the same person and that is the moment at which there is pin-drop silence on a set as everybody watches in a slightly surreal state of limbo.

Combine that with the sheer mechanics of actually putting together a production, and you have a pretty unique mix. You have the logistical side of things: getting everyone to the right place at the right time, getting everyone ready, shooting everything you need to in a given amount of time, cutting it all together in post-production and so on and so forth. But then you also have the magical side of it: the creation of something so real that a whole cast and crew live through, that then after filming ceases to exist in any form other than on screen.

One day, I realised that actually, that’s how we all live life. We have the life mechanics: having a routine, working, commuting, eating and so on. But then we also have the artistic bits within that: the intricacies of our jobs, the people we encounter on our commute, the flavour/colour/texture of the food we eat.

Working in film is what made me realise that there can be a filmic magic to the everyday, and bringing that magic into people’s lives is what I want to do, always.

Posted on Wednesday, November 13, 2019
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