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Animal magic

I’ve always found solace in animals, from before I could walk, talk, or even think. I genuinely can’t remember a day where I have ever thought otherwise.

Animals are masters of living in the present. They take life as it comes at them, and put energy into what they are doing in the now rather than in the past or future. Sure, some animals think ahead or are affected by events of their past, but they put the bulk of their energy into the now.

Humans don’t. We like to think that we do, and I’d love it if we did; I’d love it if I did. But animals are the masters here, not us. We have the ability to though, and sometimes we get glimpses of what it’s like to really live in the present when we live through those moments that are so fulfilling and beautiful and important in our lives that the joy seems to bubble out of our ears.

Our complexity as humans is a beautiful and a debilitating thing. It’s beautiful because it makes us these amazing, highly intellectual creatures with an absolutely magical potential. But it’s debilitating because with complexity comes confusion, and we find ourselves overthinking, ruminating, and blinded by the combination of this high intellect and total ignorance of things present and fear of things past.

Fear is a natural part of life. All animals feel fear, but all animals can let it go too; we find that hard. So take a leaf out of their book, learn from your pets or from stories or from the TV. Learn how to let fear go when you don’t need it, and embrace it only when survival may be on the line.

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Posted on Wednesday, January 29, 2020
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